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We... have grown through the pandemic, care about your business, live and breathe the milling sector, have regional offices on every continent, are your local and global partner, speak your language - with editions published in 6 languages, will support you at every major exhibition, run training courses, report your webinars and conferences.




Weekly E-Newsletters
Milling and Grain’s weekly E-Newsletters provide all the essential industry updates you need to keep updated about the latest in grain and feed technology, delivered straight to your inbox. Each of our regional offices is responsible for putting together bespoke newsletters that are catered more to those regions and languages.

As well as all the latest industry news, our E-Newsletters also provide subscribers with Milling and Grain magazine updates, conference news and International Milling Directory updates. Our E-Newsletters are available in English, Spanish, French and Turkish.


The Milling and Grain APP
The Milling and Grain mobile App is available on both the Apple Store and via Google Play, is available in six different languages and can be accessed by searching for ‘Milling and Grain’. Depending on your geographical location, users can download the respective app in the county’s respective language.

If a user is based either in France or a French-speaking country, they will have access to the French app, whilst users in Spain or South America will have access to the Spanish app. Each of the respective language apps provide users with a comprehensive database of our past editions, all available to download and read at your leisure.


The Rongorongo Live Lounge
In order to complement our MAG TV Channel, 
Milling and Grain have established a new video studio to allow for interactive discussion around topics that matter to millers and the milling industry most. Rongorongo Live invites industry leaders and experts, both within and related to our milling industries, to discuss matters that concern them and that need to be addressed.

It is an opportunity for our food production industries to join the debate about food safety, food security, the impact of trade and regulation on food supply and many other factors that production processes now face in an ever-concentrated world. Over past months of magazine production, we have been proud to have talked with industry leaders, and those from Progressus Agrischools, Victam International and VNU Exhibitions and others, in the Rongorongo Live Video Lounge.

In addition to our expert guests, Milling and Grain’s Managing Editor Peter Parker will be joining us in the lounge each month from 2022 onward for a discussion regarding the best stories and news in the latest edition of Milling and Grain magazine.

Catch their comments and opinions on Rongrongo Live Video Studio or visit our website Keeping our population supplied with foods they not only enjoy, but is safe and affordable, is our shared aim and, to those ends, Rongorongo Live will give voice to those issues that challenge us.

In fact, ‘rongorongo’ is an ancient South Pacific word that means ‘to declaim, to recite and to chant out’ making our video studio a common discussion platform for our industry. Stay tuned to the Rongorongo Live video lounge to stay updated with all the crucial information regarding the food and feed industries, as well as industry interviews, project announcements and more.


The Online Milling School
In June 2020, Milling and Grain magazine, in cooperation with Progressus Agrischools, set up the Online Milling School. Serving as a platform for millers to engage with the industry and latest innovations in the sector, we have hosted a total of 12 e-learning experiences, discussing various critical aspects of the feed milling operation.These sessions have been a great success, and this is only the beginning!


Milling and Grain Calender
Our annual events calendar/wall planner is published alongside the December issue of MAG. The planner highlights all of the major industry events for the up-coming year, on a large fullcolour, gloss-coated A1 poster. The calendar has proved a big hit with visitors at events all over the world, with more than 10,000 copies being distributed in 2021

Spaces are available on a first come first served basis - please email for more information.