IDAH’s ultimate goal is to be world’s number one with customer satisfaction.

IDAH’s vision is to build on their solid traditional manufacturing roots and expand out to be a full-service solutions provider: offering value-added system designs and turnkey project consultation services. Through this expansion, they hope to create an international platform where technology could be shared and integrated for the benefit of our customers. By upholding the IDAH Spirit, the passionate team members of IDAH are committed to achieve this vision.

"Creativity, Honesty & Quality "

Creativity is what gave birth to IDAH in 1974 and consequently the birth of the feeds manufacturing industry in Asia. Innovation through creativity is what has enabled IDAH to be the industry driver from their inception until now. IDAH is committed and well positioned to lead the industry of tomorrow.

If creativity is the engine that has rapidly pushed IDAH forward; Honesty is what keeps them moving in the right direction. IDAH has been firmly grounded on the virtues of quality, honour, and accountability. IDAH’s main business is to safeguard the trust that customers have given them and be a dedicated upholder of the highest quality standard.