GrainTechnik is an Indian company specialized in the field of grain cooling technology.

GrainTechnik was formed by a group of technocrats with many years of experience in building heavy duty air conditioners using the latest technology. Together with the support of Indian Institute of Technology & Certified Govt. Agricultural bodies, the company is dedicated to put an end to wastage of grain during storage and to eliminate harmful unhygienic fumigation methods while storing freshly harvested grain.

GrainTechnik is the only Indian company to have invested in this line to provide technology transfer suitable for Indian weather conditions. They design, manufacture and supply grain coolers and temperature monitoring systems. Their technologies are customized to each site condition. Their product is a result of several years of research and development assisted by feedbacks received from prevailing technologies at farmer and milling locations and in depth understanding of grains through reputed Agricultural Universities. GrainTechnik’s Primary focus remains to build technology products that are cost effective, sustainable and highly reliable for conservation of grain.

For GrainTechnik, each grain matters. They are aware of the amount of the nation’s grain that is lost not only in quantity but also quality (due to chemical treatment due to improper storage techniques with gunny bags, warehouses and silos. Grain Technik’s vision is to accelerate the world’s transformation to natural conservation of grain.

Pushpa Negi

Pushpa Negi

Sales & Mktg. Deptt.