The Essmueller Company’s roots go back to Saint Louis, Missouri in 1878. One of its co-founders, Fred Essmueller, immigrated from Ger­many in 1865, thirteen years prior to his first partnership. 

During this period, he gained fame as a millwright with IQ Halteman & Company. His specialties included ground-up building and renovation of flour mills along the Mississippi River.

Fred Essmueller had native talent and a strong will to succeed. Between 1878 and 1899, he formed and dissolved several part­ner­ships. His last partner retired in 1899, and with the help of his son, Will (WC), he renamed the firm Essmueller Mill Furnishings Company.

It retained this name until 1941 when it was incorporated as The Essmueller Company. The company performed machining and fabrication 'job shop' work and one-of-a-kind equipment for mills in grain belt states. 

Diverse on-site work locations were centered in Saint Louis and Kansas City, Missouri.


Matthew McLean

Matthew McLean