Entil was founded in 1964 in Eskisehir, Turkey. When Entil started, there were only a few small companies in the milling industry and the support that Entil gave to the industry was very large indeed.

In 2008, Entil moved out of the town centre into large purpose built premises in one of the industrial park zones. The move was done gradually over one year to allow for stock to move first and then the workshops for finishing the rolls and lastly the refluting servicing. Even the name of the company is reflective of their unique heritage. The word ‘Entil’ originates from an ancient Hitit civilisation and means ‘casting’. 

Trained and qualified machinery and metallurgical engineers constitute Entil’s management. They provide technical knowledge to achieve a high quality production level consistently. The capacity of Entil is to produce 16,000 rolls per year, and the firm is currently averaging just 12,000 at the moment. There are plans to grow to increase capacity to 20,000 rolls in time. All production and servicing is carried out in the one site in Eskisehir, in addition to the Quality Control and Research and Development department. Quality, innovation, high-skilled and loyal staff, high productivity, new product lines and sectors are all a part of the Entil brand. The one brand is all that is produced ensuring continuity in all standards. Quality marks and high industry standards are certified in their production and customer service. 

The steel Entil purchase is only ever sourced from reputable markets. Entil aims to solve problems according to each customer’s needs, providing the solution that is right for them. Innovation in production and in service is something Entil strives to do at the very highest levels: for example the High-Tech Controlled fluting process monitors and can also alert staff for any imperfections. Entil are always working on new projects for the industry, the rolls serve diverse sectors, for example: flour, feed, oil, chocolate, coffee, paint, rubber, steel and iron industries. Many other specialist parts are produced for the automobile industries, high-speed trains and wind turbines amongst many other sectors.

Mr Mehmet Gürkaynak, Chief of Sales and Marketing informed us that the growth of Entil markets are in the regions of South and North America. Entil has a big range of production types such as rolls for flour and feed mills, as well as for oil, chocolate, coffee, plastic, steel and iron industries. In total, Entil exported to 72 countries last year. This covered large markets such as the European Union countries, African countries, Far East Asia and Russia. Overall flour milling is their core business but the diversification and range of applications that rolls can be used for is an interesting area for development. Entil works with partners for roller milling machinery and actively works with them to service many customer needs..  

Esin Bayrak

Esin Bayrak