Milling and Sector Machinery Manufacturers Association DESMÜD manufacturer in Turkey have come together to establish a non-governmental organization.

Such a union has emerged in order to maintain its current numerical leadership in the world, to be a great power and to act collectively. R&D studies, technological developments, fairs and similar events related to the sector will be shared through our platform.


In order to increase and sustain the competitiveness of their national industry, to develop policies in line with the priorities of their sector in cooperation with all segments of the Machinery Manufacturing Sector and related institutions, to contribute to the creation of infrastructure and tools to realize them, to play a leading role in creating a culture of solidarity and cooperation by supporting the activities of sectoral organizations.


To be a leading, participatory and sharing top organization that contributes to the Machinery Manufacturing Industry, which serves to increase the quality of life of our society and to the sustainable development of our country, to reach an internationally competitive structure in quality, technology development and innovation.

Zeki Demirtaşoğlu

Zeki Demirtaşoğlu