The 20,000 m2 factory and the office of the ÇS?, is equiped with the equipmets which have the highest engineering and producting technology. Our goal is to sell our products using the ÇS? brand in the domestic and abroad markets;presenting the highest quality and service, combining with our experiences we gained during years.All of the equipments we use in the production of our silos have ISO 9001:2000 certificate and supplies all the requirements of the Quality Management System. 

ÇS? is has become an expert of the production of the silos and their equipments, in their highest technology equipped institutions. And having adequate technology, manpower and substructure, ÇS? has an impressive place in the market. Our main attribute is our capability of doing the montage of the silos, which have different diameter and tonages, and their carrying equipments and the concrete bottoms at the shortest duration as possible. This attribute is the basic of our success. 

ÇS? has prooved its difference with its experienced quality control unit and Ar-Ge unit. ÇS? uses modern machines and equipments in all the steps of the production and its engineering team which has the highest technology and quality, analyses the necessities of the customers continiously. The experienced engineering team in the Ar-Ge department, uses the latest computer programmes and techniques while preparing the project designs, developments, patterns, drawings and the production systems. 

ÇS? is always continiuing its search of quality, to answer the customers? necessities and to give the products which have the highest quality. The basic components of our quality of production is the necessities of our customers combining with the highest technology. And our humansource who realizes our quality, is the one of the basic subjects we make our investments in. The main route of our journey for the quality search is to emphatize the modern necessities and also to forecast the future necessities of our customers. 

The main aim of ÇS? is to improve its success day by day and give the customers the continuous and the best quality of product and service.

Mehmet Pars Sezer

Mehmet Pars Sezer