Central States Enterprises, LLC wants your business as a lifetime customer. We guarantee that once you work with us, you will want to keep our products and services to protect your commodities and livelihood. We are dedicated to answering all your questions and solving all your issues from sampling to inspection to detection and remediation.

Why choose Central States Enterprises?

Central States Fumigation and Services along with its Gulf Coast Division has fumigated tens of thousands of facilities and buildings including: steel bins, concrete tubes, tanks, flat storage, bunker/tarp, warehouses, coveralls, rail cars, barges, containers, vessels among other structures. Our experienced and respected leaders have over 230 years experience combined in the Industry and their reputation as the premier provider of fumigation services from coast to coast precede them. All of our trustworthy work crews have certified applicators on hand, marked trucks and company logo work wear, and have gone through extensive, personalized training to best serve you. Central States Enterprises’ goal is to satisfy the customer by protecting their commodities, and creating a long-lasting business relationship by providing the most elite and innovative fumigation services and products in the industry.

Central States Enterprises is also very self-conscious of the environment and our impact on the Earth - that’s why all our FMP paperwork and work orders are done digitally, we recycle all our cardboard in house, and we frequently use chemicals that are environmentally-friendly. We have also long used Eco2Fume and ProFume instead of Methyl Bromide - a known ozone-depleting compound.

How can I learn more about CSE and its fumigation services?

For more information on the services we provide, ordering products, or any other inquiries, please call Mindi at (800) 527-8215 at the Salina, KS headquarters. They can direct you to any place you need to go and answer any questions you may have.

Where are the locations that you do business and are certified to fumigate?

Central States Fumigation and Services has licensed applicators in 27 states that include: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and more to come. We also have business licenses in 27 states, and work closely with an affiliate company that we are partnered with in Australia.

How exactly will your fumigants kill insects and their larvae/eggs?

Central States Fumigation and Services has customized every customer’s work order to meet and exceed their needs. From sampling, inspection, detection, and remediation – Central States Fumigation and Services makes its estimates and work orders from several factors including the structure type, structure size, temperature, insect infestation, and length of time to complete job among other items.

Who do I contact to order Central State Enterprise’s custom spray glue SEALZ-ALL?

The SafetyQuip Company sells a custom-made, low-soak in, spray glue, SEALZ-ALL. This specially formulated SEALZ-ALL is for the professional fumigation industry and it adheres to all clean and dry surfaces and structures. This quick-drying, fast-tack formula is also heat resistant for temperatures over 100 degrees and cold resistant below 32 degrees for maximum adherence. To learn more about The SafetyQuip Company products or to make purchases please contact our sales representatives Don Webb at (785) 493-1468 or Shaun Costello at (785) 493-1519.

Mindi Carlson

Mindi Carlson