Mercury MES Manufacturing Execution System in the Milling Industry

A modern flour mill is composed of many different plant components executing a huge variety of individual steps. That puts high requirements on the central controls. The automation solution Mercury MES (Manufacturing Execution System) from Bühler feeds the data from all of the plant components of a flour mill to a central place and helps to easily monitor and visualize the processes. The control of all functions and settings is done via an intuitive user interface. This allows the operator to quickly intervene in the production process should the need arise.

The central capturing and managing of data increases the efficiency at a variety of levels. For instance, the continuous data exchange with the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) allows improved utilization and production planning. The processes are controlled in the best way possible and aligned with one another. Functions such as process analysis and trend monitoring detect irregularities in production. The process monitoring is ongoing, and every process step is saved in a central database. Thereby, traceability from intake to loading and back is guaranteed and visible with just a few clicks. Statistics and reporting instruments reduce the management needed while complying with common norms and standards. Automatic alarm signals and a simplified error identification help to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. The integration of maintenance management systems, such as Bühler’s ProPlant, make proactive maintenance possible. The energy consumption monitoring serves to optimize the energy needed with the goal of avoiding performance peaks and lowering costs.

The automation solution, Mercury MES, is web-based which means it is adaptive and accessible to different end devices. In addition, Mercury is completely compatible with Bühler’s loT platform. It will be possible to use the current and future digital services from Bühler.

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