In our trip that we started in 1995, like Baybal, we combine the experience of our past with the current technology. Our company, which is dedicated to the production and installation of factories and machinery of completely modernized mills, whole wheat flour, corn flour, rice flour, bulgur, spices and coffee machines, produces the machine with machine and presents the technology With technology.

Using quality, Baybal is aware of the responsibilities of its sector. We produce and produce every machine that performs the necessary tests and the testing process, which we offer to our customers. We are never close to the beginning of sales-oriented work. After the installation of our machines, we test them on the site and share information about the principle of operation.

In our sector, we are the pioneers, we strive to follow and not follow. Our goal is to improve the quality and service we offer by making our investments based on technology. We always support our clients with our professional and experienced staff.