Alapala: Where the tradition meets innovation

Founded in 1954 in Çorum, Turkey, Alapala is the eldest and most well-known company in Alapala Group. It has been established with the vision of leading the milling industry. We are among the top two companies of the world and moving with the strong steps to fulfil our vision.

Alapala builds and services turnkey plants of any desired capacity and is one of the top 500 exporters in Turkey. While exporting 95% of its production, has 600+ turnkey references in over 100 countries in 4 continents across globe.

Alapala continues to develop and expand via its superior technology infrastructure, perfectionist staff and management, and its quality and customer-oriented approach.

Alapala’s lines of business:

- Turnkey solutions for wheat, maize, rice and semolina milling

- Turnkey solutions for Feed milling,

- Grain handling and storage systems

- Industrial steel structures and buildings

- Process engineering

- Automation