Agromatic AG (Inc) with headquarters in Switzerland is a manufacturerer of measuring, monitoring and control equipment for mills and compound feed plants.

Agromatic's business principle is: highest quality at reasonable price.

Almost all their products are manufactured in Switzerland. Units which are manufactured by subsidiary or other companies always go through a final quality check in Switzerland before being supplied to their customers. All units are manufactured and tested according to the latest safety standards with regard to operational and plant safety and reliability.

Agromatic manufactures according to ISO and ATEX rules and is certified since 2002. Further development of their products involve a steady modification. You as customer supply them with innovative requirements which is incentive to develop and manufacture specific new units.

Before going into serial production every device passes an extensive test programme in our conditioning cabinet and with high electromagnetical influences. Agromatic offer some devices in different interference protection classes.

Anita Speier

Anita Speier