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Supplying the World’s Food Infrastructure
Feeding the world requires a global network of infrastructure and technology to store, blend, mix, convey, condition, process, and protect hundreds of millions of tons of agriculture inputs and crops flowing around the world daily. AGI products, equipment, and technology facilitates this global movement, from growing crops and moving them to market, to processing crops into feed for animals and food for people.

5 Platforms, 6 Continents, 7 Components
As a global leader in the planning, engineering and manufacturing of full solutions and systems, AGI operate across 5 platforms — Seed, Fertilizer, Grain, Feed, and Food — and partner with their customers on 6 continents to leverage the AGI Advantage and engineer unique, market-specific systems.

These systems are delivered for farm and commercial applications and include Storage, Handling, Structural, Processing, and Technology all based on and brought together by Engineering and Project Management.

AGI Products and Solutions
Over 35 AGI brands are among the most recognised equipment manufacturers in the global agriculture industry. AGI engineers and project managers deliver custom-designed farm and commercial systems for storage and conditioning, handling, structures, processing, and controls applications.

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