by Christa Britton, Marketing Coordinator, Chief Agri

Over the years, Chief has developed the reputation of being a handshake, face-to-face, let's-talk-over-a-cup-of-coffee kind of company. We acknowledge and embrace the importance of the human element as one of our strongest assets. What is the human element? Simply put, people. Chief incorporates the human element into our business because we are trusted, provide personal attention, and believe in dignity and respect. In our offices and online Chief uses language such as 'we', displaying our history, our people, and our culture. Although circumstances may keep us apart, we are still here for you.

Necessity is the mother of invention and we honestly never know what we are capable of accomplishing until our feet are held to the fire. Companies, families, and individuals are rising to the challenge, coming together, and contributing their best to keep the world spinning with some sense of normalcy. Even with our feet to the fire, Chief is not missing a beat. We continue to move forward while maintaining an effective approach to work with our customers around the globe. As you read this, somewhere around the world we are delivering on-time quotes, providing customer support, and completing remote start up services.

A prime example is the recent commissioning of two crucial drying projects in Zambia where a string of inadequate harvests has resulted in the decrease of food staples and an increase in cost. Providing efficient and consistent airflow, Chief dryers are being used to safeguard the early cropping of maize, securing the grain quality for food grade milling. Because time is always a factor, Chief dryers are shipped in preassembled modular units for quicker installation, suppling prompt and reliable operation, even in the most extreme of climates. Chief dryers are used for a variety of commodities; therefore, once the maize harvest is complete, the dryers will be immediately available for the next harvest of soya beans.

Previously, we would have a commissioning engineer on site. However, due to the current lockdown in most locations, Chief representatives from the United Kingdom, France, Lithuania, and South Africa put their heads together to provide all previously expected services. Chief dryer control panels include internet connections, allowing our commissioning engineers remote access to test, control, provide instruction, and troubleshoot. Our Chief on-site supervisor assisted the mechanical installation of both sites offering all services remotely and simultaneously by having our programmers connect directly via internet to the dryer panels, while our supervisors provided advice via WhatsApp. To the utter relief of our valued customers and to whom they serve, the Zambian facilities are successfully finished, fully operational, and collecting the early harvested grains.

Now more than ever, global food concerns are forcing governments to focus on food safety and food security. It is projected the European feed wheat, milling wheat, feed barley, and malting barley will begin mid-July, quickly followed by barley, and progress straight through to rapeseed (canola), linseed, maize (corn), oats, peas, and beans. July will be here before we realise. We want you to know Chief is here, we are up, and we are working.

Chief is accustomed to working in all 24 time zones. We have projects and representation in six of the seven continents, providing custom-designed, efficient products to the world. Since 1961, Chief Agri has been here for you and we will continue to do so. Trusted. Tested. True.

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