by Erin Schmitt, Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group, USA


Shipping steel internationally is expensive. Allstate Tower has found a way to cut shipping expenses while still delivering
a great steel product that exceeds international standards. Originally used just for communication towers, when Allstate Tower ventured into making material handling and support structures, they incorporated angle construction into the design.
"We stuck with what we knew," says Alisha Saalwaechter, Manager of Sales and Project Management for Allstate Tower. Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group, a trio of companies that includes Allstate Tower, has completed projects in more than 60 countries worldwide. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of its repertoire that Allstate Tower can offer the international market is angle construction.
The support structures can be containerised for shipping and international exports. Angle construction stacks neatly into a container, unlike welded construction, which requires much more space. An average container can hold 40,000 pounds. With angle construction, the full weight capacity can be maximised in a way that"s not possible with welded construction. Since angle construction needs less room, it requires using fewer containers – cutting down on shipping costs.

All the steel structures are designed in accordance with AISC Manual of Steel Construction, IBC and ASCE Standards or per customer specifications. Finishes are available in hot-dipped galvanised, painted, powder coated, and GalvXtra rustic brown. The two most popular exports are various styles of catwalks and towers. Engineers can tailor each catwalk system or tower to suit the unique requirements of all agricultural facilities. Offering overhead walkway stability and freeing up valuable storage space, catwalks grant easy access to materials and machinery like silos, tanks, hoppers, processing equipment and sortation systems. They can also double as platforms for conveyor systems that move products throughout a facility.


What Allstate has to offer: Walk-thru truss catwalk

The walk-thru truss catwalk is designed in accordance with AISC Manual of Steel Construction, and it also meets International Building Code (IBC) and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) standards. Each catwalk is constructed with ASTM A529-50 Grade 50 mill certified structural steel angle.

Welded and factory assembled options are available for the walk-thru truss catwalks. Custom widths and spans can also be included upon request. There are also several finishing options available – hot dipped galvanised, painted, powder coating and GalvXtra rustic brown.


Handrail truss catwalk

Security is premium, especially when traversing tall structures. It"s good to have something stable to hold onto for added safety. Handrail truss catwalks can provide that security. Handrails are found on both sides of the platform-like structure.

Each handrail truss catwalk is constructed with ASTM A-500 Dual Grade B & C mill certified steel box tubing. Custom widths and spans can be ordered. One of the handrail truss catwalks most attractive features is that it has welded side panels that can help reduce field installation time and labor.


Bottom box truss catwalk

Stability is the name of the game with a bottom box truss catwalk, which, like the name implies, resembles a box. Constructed with structural steel angle, the sturdy framework meets international standards. Welded and factory assembled options are available. Engineers can also design the catwalks with custom widths and spans to best suit the customer"s needs.


Goal-post towers

Have a limited amount of space? Goal post towers are the winning steel support structure for tight spaces.

Whether it is free-standing, or bin attached, these towers are sturdy examples of ASTM A592-50 Grade 40 mill certified structural steel angle. The tower includes a top
load support beam that provides additional support. Bin attachment brackets, foundation designs, and ladder and cage assemblies are all optional features that can be included with the towers.


Elevator support towers

Grain elevators protect and store the product, but elevator support towers help keep elevators functioning and upright. Foundation designs are provided for every tower. ASTM A325 galvanised structural hardware is also used on all connections.

Designs for the elevator support towers are versatile. Beam, tube, pipe, and angle are all readily available styles. There are also a variety of optional features that can be included, like an elevator mounting system.

Access bracing can be located at any elevation, depending
on what"s needed for the application. Tower mounted ladder and cage systems are another option that is available, as are switchback and wraparound stairs. Platforms available include head service, distributor and internal.


Catwalk support towers

Structural integrity is assured since each catwalk support tower is designed with state-of-the-art finite analysis software. The software also enables engineers to accurately design a catwalk support tower for maximum possible capacity in angle, tube, pipe, and beam styles. Top load support beams are included with each catwalk. Customised options include interior and exterior catwalk landing platforms, switchback and wraparound stairs, and tower mounted ladder and cage systems.

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