With a thirty-year history in providing storage solutions for silos, warehouses, railcards and ships, Vibrafloor SAS have refined their products to suit client specifications and offer a unique and innovative method of moving and emptying bulk materials from storage containers.

As the name suggests, Vibrafloor"s unique flexible steel plates utilise vibration to create waves what gently sweep the products towards the outlets for reclaiming. Using this wave method, products become fluidised, and therefore able to be gently swept into troughs and other storage or transport containers. Multiple steel modules cover the floors of silos and ships, ensuring to move every grain of produce, so none is left in the bottom of the storage container. Their automated, low energy consumption technology guarantees an easy, risk-free transport process, with no clean-up needed and high reclaim rates.

Vibrafloor"s floor panels appeal to such a diverse range of customers, due to their fluidity in moving any bulk material, ranging from wheat, soybeans, sulphur, woodchips and even sticky materials such as potash. Vibrafloor panels have been used not just in agricultural industries, but also the aquaculture sector, manufacturing and woodwork, alongside industrial and biomass industries.

When the Vibrafloor panels vibrate, the area where the biggest bulk of product has built up, (also known as the high-pressure zone), discharges and breaks down; an action Vibrafloor often compare to a controlled "avalanche" of product, with a pressure of 80-220 tonnes per m2. As the product is aired and moved down the storage facility, it is forced to enter the low-pressure zone, where waves develop, and the product can cleanly and thoroughly exit the storage silo, separated, clean and without any wastage left in the silo. With dust-proof panels, Vibrafloor ensures that product is not wasted, nor does any damage occur to the plates via debris. No routine maintenance of panels is needed, as they care for themselves and fit securely into storage containers, with no room for produce getting trapped or clogging up plate machinery.

The 690W motor has been optimised to ensure it effectively moves bulk of up to 70 tonnes per m2, without being so harsh it potentially damages delicate produce. The Vibrafloor panels can also handle temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius. Upon request, Vibrafloor panels can also come with aeration ducts integrated into each panel, to maximise airflow and ensure
an even more thorough cleaning and emptying of the storage facilities.



As Vibrafloor expanded to become an international company, they soon adapted to accommodate the changes that come with producing such large machinery and shipping it abroad. Initially, Vibrafloor panels were assembled on-site, ""which was time consuming, expensive, and difficult to maintain the exacting standards"", says commercial director, Simon Prince of Vibrafloor. Now, however, ""the modules [are] factory produced, pre-assembled modules, which makes installation much easier and quicker, ensuring quality standards can be maintained."" Due to the product, silo size and shape varying for each project, Vibrafloor also design their modules specifically for each client"s specifications, to ensure prime operation. Usually the private companies purchasing Vibrafloor panels, assisted by local labourers, install the floor panels on their own projects, however, Vibrafloor also provide start-up assistance to ensure a successful installation.



Vibrafloor, originally known as Silexport SAS, is based in Dracy-Le-Fort, in the wine-growing region of Eastern France. The business first patented the modular bulk reclaim system over 30 years ago, with the aim to create a product which reclaims free-flowing bulk materials from the awkward confines of storage vessels and ships, without human intervention or routine maintenance.

Over three decades the company has developed and grown at an exponential rate, now having several projects worldwide, such as a 30,000-tonne sugar vessel on the MRS Pioneer, a fly-ash dome in Kujawi, Poland and 14m diameter silos in Elsdorf, Germany, alongside many other worldwide projects.


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