Join Milling and Grain magazine and an audience of over 30 attendees in Abu Dhabi to learn about the latest feed industry innovations and how they can improve the operation of a feedmill.

Just short of 100 candidates have already registered for the Build my Feedmill conference, which is based on a flow chart of a typical feedmill and covering many aspects of feedmill operations.

The conference provides an excellent opportunity for companies that supply feed manufacturers with advanced equipment and other services, to explain their most technically-advanced innovations and why they offer advantages in the feed production line.

Find us at: Capital Suite 13, ADNEC

During the Build my Feed Mill Conference, 10-12 companies are given the chance to present 10-minute presentations about how their solutions assist feed mills in their everyday processes and practices.

Taking attendees through every process within a feed mill, Build my Feed Mill enables attendees to discover the latest innovations that help make your feed mill truly innovative, efficient and profitable. Topics being discussed include grinding, feed formulation, extrusion, pelleting, dosing and more.

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