The latest rendition of the Build my Feed Mill Conference, due to take place at VIV Qingdao on september 20th, is gathering up a brilliant set of speakers and participants to discuss the latest innovations for feed mill equipment.

Speakers have already been confirmed from a variety of companies, including PLP Liquid Systems, Famsun, Bühler, Changzhou Honghuan Machinery, KSE, CPM and many more. The conference is already proving to be especially popular and will provide attendees with a unique insight into the best machinery to ensure the most efficient use of your feed mill.

Build My Feed Mill is a concept introduced by Milling and Grain and VIV Worldwide in 2017 under the CropTech-FeedTech brand.

The concept aims to raise awareness that there are too few feedmills in low-economic and developing countries that are fit for purpose. The technological debt means that there is little chance of some countries reaching the international average for feed production of 133.6kg/per capita.

During the Build my Feed Mill Conference, 10-12 companies are given the chance to present 10-minute presentations about how their solutions assist feed mills in their everyday processes and practices.

Taking attendees through every process within a feed mill, Build my Feed Mill enables attendees to discover the latest innovations tat help make your feed mill truly innovative, efficient and profitable.


Visit the event page for more information about the conference or alternatively please contact:

Rebecca Sherratt

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