The new Brock 3500 Series Commercial Sweeps give commercial grain elevators and large farm operations another tool to remove grain from storage bins. These sweeps are built to withstand heavy loads of corn and other grains held in large bins up to 156 feet in diameter.

3500 Series Sweeps are an all-electric option that doesn't require hydraulics. They use an explosion-proof, heavy-duty motor with V-belt drive and electrical collector ring for cord-free operation.

Brock's heavy-duty sweep sections eliminate the need for floor jacks, allowing for zero entry during bin unloading. An aggressive rotating bin wall agitator breaks up hard-packed fines and soybean pods from the bin wall, while an adjustable back shield lets operators fine-tune the sweep length to a bin's internal clearance requirements.

Brock 3500 Series Sweeps are available in two auger sizes. The 12-inch sweep auger fits bins from 30-to-105 feet in diameter and has an unload capacity of 4,000/6,000 bushels-per-hour. The 16-inch sweep auger fits bins from 60-to-156 feet in diameter and has an unload capacity of 8,000/10,000 bushels-per-hour.

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