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As a subsidiary of Haver & Boecker, Behn + Bates has specialised in the filling of food products. The linchpins for the machine designs are the products, which Behn + Bates further divides into a food or hygiene pyramid.

At the base of the pyramid are products that are further processed, such as flours and starches. In the middle are goods suitable for direct consumption, and at the top of the pyramid are high-care products, such as baby food, with the very highest hygiene requirements. Each product behaves differently and exists in many different varieties. Regardless of how the product behaves during the filling process, the customer has high expectations for the machine technology and the associated packaging result. The packaging specialist has been operating in the lower two categories of the pyramid for some time with its proven machine technology; for the upper segment, e.g. baby food, Behn + Bates has developed the Care-Line® Edition.

This packaging machine is characterised by minimised areas where dust can build up and optimised cleaning options. In this machine concept, components certified by the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) are used primarily. Experience with other highly sensitive food products is gained during packing trials at the Haver Institute of the parent company.

With the higher quality of the products, the requirements for bag quality also increase. The higher the value of the products, the more important is their protection with the appropriate bagging, of course with simultaneous weight accuracy. It should be airtight, durable and protect against contamination. In order to comply with the best possible hygiene standard and to ensure product safety, FFS bags are used for the Care-Line® Edition, which consist of double-layer tubular foil. At the same time, the edge-tight foil seam sealing ensures even better product safety.

For more information visit the Behn + Bates website, HERE.

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