In response to the need to demonstrate increasing levels of robustness in the feed assurance schemes AIC Services will be introducing a range of NEW short notice and unannounced audits for the FEMAS, TASCC and UFAS assurance schemes from Q1, 2020.

Following a detailed consultation with the relevant industry sectors, the new auditing regime demonstrates a flexible approach to each scheme and type of business the participant operates. The common theme however is that the changes represent a higher level of auditing within the combinable crops, feed and feed ingredient sectors. More information can be found on the AIC Services trade assurance website.

Commenting on the new auditing regime, John Kelley, Managing Director of AIC Services said, 'This will really add to the credibility of the schemes both to customers and the Government and ensure that the schemes maintain their position as a trusted source of feed and food assurance – which becomes even more important as the UK begins to operate outside the EU.'

The audit bodies have been gearing up for this work both in terms of training new auditors and ensuring a coordinated approach across the schemes.

Visit the AIC Services website, HERE.

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