by Randy Coffee, VP of Sales and Marketing, Superior Grain Equipment, US


During this difficult time, we want to assure you that Superior Grain Equipment is taking the necessary precautions and safety measures while ensuring that our sales, production and delivery services continue to operate without interruption. Superior has always been positioned well with production schedules to meet a late season demand for grain storage, conditioning and handling equipment, and we will continue that trend this year despite the various global challenges. Ag producers play a key role in providing commodities for world consumption and we will continue to be here to support their operations, as we have been for decades.

This year, farmers around the world are facing new obstacles created from this global COVID-19 pandemic. Coupled with challenging weather and other uncontrollable factors, it's hard to predict what's to come in the next few months. That is why it's more important now than ever before for ag producers to properly prepare for potential difficulties to come.

Late plant/Extended harvest

Late planting seasons present many challenges. Racing the weather and not being able to get crops off is stressful enough but having them spoil due to improper storage and conditioning is worse yet. So how does one get some peace of mind when it comes to harvest time? One way is to install a grain dryer into your system. Grain dryers benefit your operation in many ways. Most importantly you have the option of being able to get into the field sooner, which; 1) gives you a chance to harvest your entire crop before bad weather sets in, and 2) it lessens your field loss.

Drying grain is an important part of the harvesting process, especially if you plan to store your grain to market it for the best return. On-farm solutions can be much more affordable than you think and over time can save you money.

Securing available, long term storage

More farmers are looking to store their grain in order to market the value with changing commodity prices. Options available depend on each individual operation's needs. How much time, the amount of storage needed, and available resources will play major factors in this decision.

Superior offers a complete line of on-farm and commercial storage solutions to fit the needs of any size operation. We offer both unstiffened and stiffened farm bins and hopper bins, as well as commercial bins up to 105' diameter with a 50,000-pound roof load rating. We offer the industry's best lifetime roof warranty on our unstructured farm bins provide site design options to help you visualise the facility you need.

Our solutions can be much more affordable than you think and over time can save you money. If you want more information or have questions about how a Superior storage or dryer could help benefit your operation, feel free to contact us at for more information. Our team looks forward to discussing whatever questions you might have and can provide solutions for any size operation, anywhere in the world. Working together, we will persevere through these unique, new challenges and come out stronger and better prepared for the future.

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