Alapala recently completed the installation of a new flour mill in Morocco in January 2020, which also happenned to be Alapla's third turnkey flour mill project in Morocco. The Moroccan company, Flour Mills, is a family-owned company and a long time business partner of Alapala's. They are today active and producing a total of 900-tonnes of wheat in two locations, as the new mill is located near one of their existing plants in the El Jadida region.

The plant has a capacity of 300 tonnes-per-day, processing local semi-hard wheat as well as producing three different types of flour, mainly for domestic consumption in bakeries. The mill was installed in a new, six floors concrete building, which was also designed and constructed in conformity with the highest sanitation standards.

The mill has been equipped with the latest Alapala technology, consisting of Similago II roller mills (DAVG), Quadro plansifters with larger sieve boxes (GPAK) and control sifters (RKEM). An optical sorter is also used in the plant for the very fine cleaning of wheat before milling, to ensure the highest level of food safety is achieved.

The plant operates efficiently with an advanced automation system, that allows the centralised monitoring and management of complete cleaning, milling and packaging processes. The system enables efficne tand simple generating of detailed production reports, with real-time error diagnosis and long-distance connection functions.

Alapala is one of the leading suppliers for milling machinery and turnkey flour mill installations in over 100 countries, with over 650 factories worldwide. Founded in 1954, the company has been taking big strides to fulfil its vision and today is one of the top 1000 exporters in Turkey, exporting 95 percent of its total machinery production lines.

Alapala was also recently accepted into the Turquality Brand Support Program, which is the first and only government-sponsored brand development program in the world. The purpose of the program is to create Turkish brands that can be a worldwide, truly international brand.

The selection process is conducted by examining various topics such as the company's strategic planning systems, financial performance, supply chain management, brand management, brand power, product design development, marketing trade management, corporate governance and ınformation systems.

Alapala, the first company in the sector to be accepted into the Turquality Brand Support Program, emphasized that they will surely move forward towards becoming a global brand.

Alapala Group CEO Görgem Alapala expressed his joy at the news, 'Today we have become one of the two largest companies in the milling technologies sector worldwide. We have established more than 650 turnkey factories in more than 120 countries across four continents, including developing industrial countries such as Germany, France, Italy, and the United States.

'We are very proud to be accepted into the Turquality Brand Support Program. We believe that we will take stronger steps internationally and make great contributions to the country's economy with the first and only branding program established with the support of our state, which continues its efforts to promote the important brands of our country to the whole world.'

Alapala is very active in the African market also, local branches, country offices, and a wide representative network; as well as numerous flour, semolina and maize mill references throughout the region, such as in Senegal, Zambia, Angola, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Ghana.

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