In the past week six new entires have been confirmed for the GRAPAS Innovations Awards, the leading aards ceremony for food production machinery. The latest applicants include marvellous feats of technological innovations from companies such as Balaguer Rolls, Selis and Bühler.

The deadline to apply for the GRAPAS Innovations Awards is this Friday, March 31st, so if you want your product to be featured, get in touch now! Applicants for the awards get the change to present their chosen product at the GRAPAS Conference, on June 13th at VICTAM International. Their products will be judged by a team of international expert judges, who will then choose their winner(s) for the awards.

Applicants will also recieve a special floor area in the VICTAM exhibition hall, within which they can display their chosen product as a part of the GRAPAS Innovations Awards.


Register to attend the GRAPAS Conference HERE.


This weeks applicants for the awards include:


BUHLER- GrainiGo










GrainiGo is the first digitally connected and affordable quality analysis tool that challenges the status quo of grain analysis by taking out the subjectivity of the process and adding valuable insights of the potential value of the raw material at the earliest stage. GrainiGo brings transparency among the value chain of corn as an external proof of quality.

According to Watson Mc Kinney, former Front Line Leader at PepsiCo 'GrainiGoTM has the potential to revolutionise the whole industry by providing an efficient, consistent and reliable quality analysis standard to theindustry.'


BALAGUER ROLLS- Optical Fluting Test 2.0









Following the success of the first Optical Fluting Test, the world's only device to check rolls profiles by optical vision, this second generation has been specifically designed to help millers to easily measure and check roll profiles. In only few easy steps, the device enables the miller to get a certificate which will show the existing fluting profile of a specific roll, in order to help them to take the decision of changing the rolls at the most suitable and cost-effective time.


BUHLER- MoisturePro












MoisturePro is a digital service that, for the first time, truly targets sustainable process improvement by connecting machine, operator, and process experts in a digital relationship. As global population is expected to reach 9 billion people in 2050 we must find sustainable food solutions. Nearly 30 percent of the food supply is wasted with the world's current food processes.

Bühler sought to find a way to leverage our long history of process knowledge and machine manufacturing to partner with food processors to create a holistic impact. The result is a sustainable relationship of best practices, machines and people.


SELIS- Dynamic Angled Positioning System (DAPS)














Dynamic Angled Positioning System (DAPS system) has brought a big solution to the important problems on the smooth roll passages and fine grooved roll passages. Due to the thermal expansion on the edges of the cylindrical grounded (no cambered) smooth rolls, caused by the heat generated by the bearings of the rolls, rolls become a concave shape. By means of angular positioning of two rolls, through the milling line on the rolls, milling gap between the rolls will be equal.


BUHLER- Particle Size Measurement (PSM)







Conventionally, particle size measurements are done via a manual sieve analysis in the lab. This takes time and requires manpower and delays counteractions in case of deviations. With the Bühler Online Particle Size Measurement Solution every single batch is measured at the mixer. The automatically removed sample is analyzed by an optical sensor and a granulation curve for particle sizes between 10 to 5000 μm is automatically issued. Another evaluated parameter is the specific characteristic (d10, d50, d90) with a standard deviation for d50 of ≤ 2.5%. The results are available after a measurement time of only 165 – 195 seconds.


BUHLER- LumoVision









Lumovision is based on data-driven optical sorting technology that closely targets grains affected by Aspergillus Fungi, the cause of Aflatoxin contamination. Produced by a fungal mold, aflatoxin is colorless and odorless, making it difficult to detect. Yet as few as 2 highly contaminated grains in 10,000 can render an entire batch unsafe. Identifying and removing aflatoxin-contaminated grains is a major challenge.

With the new cloud-based system constantly monitoring the product flow and assessing risk, yield losses are reduced to almost zero, while the safety of the final product is assured.


To apply for the awards please email Production Editor Rebecca Sherratt at and enquire for an application form before March 31st!



The GRAPAS Conference

The GRAPAS Innovations Awards will be presented, and the winner revealed, at the GRAPAS Conference, taking place on June 13th at VICTAM International. The conference already has confirmed a variety of influential industry speakers, including President of nabim, George Marriage, as well as Marie Haga, Executive Director of the Crop Trust.

Each Innovations Awards applicant will get a change to speak for 15 minutes at the conference about their chosen product, and why it is deserving of the GRAPAS Innoations Awards trophy.

This conference is a must-attend event for members of the food industry, and srves as te only conference and awards show of its kind. Attendees can register for the event through VICTAM International's website


Register for the conference HERE.


For further information please contact:

Miss Rebecca Sherratt

7 St George's Terrace

St James' Square


Gloucestershire GL50 3PT

United Kingdom



Tel: +44 1242 267700


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