April 2018


by Mehmet Uğur Gürkaynak, Turkish Editor, Milling and Grain


There was a movie I watched in my childhood, estimated between 1978 and 1980, and although I cannot remember the name, I will never forget the topic of the movie and as the years pass, I understand the theme of the movie better.

The theme of the movie was going on in the future. Of course, according to that time. After a great war, the world has been ruined and the human population has increased so much that the problem of finding food and feeding has reached the stage. The billionaires were giving a fortune to find a piece of meat. Food products have fallen into the black market. In order to prevent the further increase of the population, people of certain ages were killed by the hunters who are assigned to this issue.

I do not know if such a war will happen, if yes – when? But the famine on the food issue has been in effect for a long time. According to research, more than 800 million people in the world are not able to find the food which will give them the energy to survive. The majority of the population without food security is still in developing countries, particularly in Africa and Asia.

As I wrote this article, when I entered the web page "www.worldometers.info", the number of hungry people in the world was 826,347,987 and it shows an average increase of three seconds. The number of people who do not have access to drinking water is 847,081,383 and today (18.04.2018) the number of people dying because of hunger is 29,700... 701... 702... According to the results obtained 10 million people die because of hunger annually and in spite of this 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted.

Two of the main elements shaping our future will be agriculture and water resources. Failure to feed the world has led to conflicts in many parts of the world and conflicts in other parts of the world further increase the risk to food safety, causing the problem to enter a vicious cycle.

Famine automatically triggers food prices, food-price inflation. Live armed conflicts also lead to increased costs for food products or the transport of foods. The solution is that people should reach safe food. Because food is a basic necessity for mankind.

By the way, when I was finishing this article, 30,635 people died that day because of hunger. So this means in the last 30 minutes 935 people lost their lives because of hunger.

With a different narrative, imagine that you are sitting in the evening with your family at home, watching the news and hear that there was a multiple-vehicle collision involving 22 intercity buses and that all passengers are dead, and that 7,200 of the 30,635 people were children.

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