The GRAPAS Innovations Awards, due to take place during the GRAPAS Conference at VICTAM International this June, are really heating up, with 11 confirmed entries into the awards!


Participants in the awards include Bühler, Brabender, Bruks Siwertell and Dinnissen.

The entry deadline for applicants is March 31st, so get applying now if you wish to enter your product into the awards! Alternatively, if you have any enquiries you can contact our conference organiser and Production Editor, Rebecca Sherratt, at


Here is a sneak peak at some of the confirmed entries so far:


Dinnissen- Pegasus Wingdoor Mixer


In this specific industry, blending of kibbles and premix calls for efficient cleaning. Dinnissen, therefore, invented the Front-to-Front system for the mixer"s bomb doors several years ago, which makes it possible to completely empty the mixer.



The NOVABLUE sieve cleaner enables the efficient cleaning of sieve fabrics. It comes without bristles and is optically and magnetically detectable. The innovative and patented comb shape of this new sieve cleaner is unique on the market.


Bruks Siwertell - The Belt Conveyer 

The Belt Conveyor ™ is a simple cradle system that supports the formed carrying trough and covers. A central air manifold provides the air pressure to suspend the belt. The basic components include the head unit, tail unit, and the required number of intermediate sections. The intermediate sections are composed of four main elements - the trough, manifold, saddle support, and covers. The only rotating elements are the head and tail pulleys. The conveyor is also equipped with a unique fully enclosed cover and integrated air slide return that provides for a dust-free system that substantially mitigates housekeeping and in compliant with NFPA and OSHA.


Bühler - PreMa - Intelligent Plant Monitoring

Bühler Machine Condition and Silo Bin Monitoring is the latest IoT innovation that helps reduce the risk for managers and operators at the storage stage of the food and feed production process. This mobile solution monitors the health status of the four main machine types in a silo plant: the clean- ing machines, filters, elevators, and chain conveyors. In addition, the Bühler solution monitors temperature and thus the condition of the raw material in the grain silos. In this way, operators can see exactly where crop damage may potentially occur and prevent possible spoilage.


Brabender - FarinoAdd-S300

The FarinoAdd-S300 is an add-on for the Brabender Farinograph which enables this instrument to open its range of applications to the analysis of gluten-free flours.

In a temperature-controlled measuring kneader, a rotating Sigma kneading blade subjects the sample to defined mechanical stress. The kneading resistance having an effect on the blades, which depends on the sample's viscosity, is measured as a torque value by the highly precise measurement electronics. The software then registers and records this online as a function of time, in a clear to understand coloured chart.


Bühler - Diorit Roller Mill MDDY and MDDZ

Bühler's Diorit 2019 roller mill generation comes with a complete new machine control system. The centerpiece of this innovation is the new designed user interface. All relevant parameters for the op- eration of the Diorit are visible on the intuitive touchscreen.

Diorit can be monitored and operated by different devices including smartphones, tables and PC's.The touchscreen on the roller mill is available as option. But the roller mill can be monitored and op- erated by Smartphone and Tablet only without any touchscreen.


The GRAPAS Innovations Awards

The awards will be made to the most innovative and economically beneficial equipment, process or service in the milling of grains and cereals for food production at GRAPAS Germany 2019.

Nominations are being called for from all sectors of food milling and from non-exhibiting and exhibiting companies alike. Those shortlisted for the award will have the opportunity to display their product in a special award's area at the entrance to the Victam International exhibition hall for all visitors to view.

A panel of international industry expertjudges will review all entries and select their winners as the most innovative examples of food processing technology. The winner(s) will recieve the coveted GRAPAS trophy!


The GRAPAS Conference

The GRAPAS Innovations Awards will be presented, and the winner revealed, at the GRAPAS Conference, taking place on June 13th at VICTAM International. The conference already has confirmed a variety of influential industry speakers, including President of nabim, George Marriage, as well as Marie Haga, Executive Director of the Crop Trust.

Each Innovations Awards applicant will get a change to speak for 15 minutes at the conference about their chosen product, and why it is deserving of the GRAPAS Innoations Awards trophy.

This conference is a must-attend event for members of the food industry, and srves as te only conference and awards show of its kind. Attendees can register for the event through VICTAM International's website


Find out more HERE!

Register for the conference HERE.

For further information please contact:

Miss Rebecca Sherratt

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Gloucestershire GL50 3PT

United Kingdom



Tel: +44 1242 267700



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