In one and a half months of autumn, Ukraine shipped 10.4 million tons of grain, legumes, oil crops and their processing products. This is one million tons more than for the entire summer of 2022. In particular, in 16 days of October, 3.6 million tons of grain left Ukraine. In just 7.5 months, 23 million tons of agricultural products crossed the Ukrainian border.

This month, for the first time since the beginning of the war, wheat took the lead in terms of supplies, while corn, which had been the leading export in recent months, took second place. Thus, the volume of shipped wheat as of October 16 is 1,149 million tons, which is 100,000 tons more than in mid-September. 1,089 million tons of corn were shipped, which is 300,000 tons less than in the previous half of the month.

In total, since the beginning of the war, 4.6 million tons of wheat and corn have been shipped from Ukraine, almost twice as much.

Rapeseed supplies decreased by 237,000 tons compared to the first half of September. As of mid-October, 341,000 tons of this crop were exported. The same downward trend is observed in sunflower oil: 365 thousand tons in mid-September against 265 thousand tons in mid-October.

The amount of meal deliveries is almost unchanged – 257 thousand tons, which is 14 thousand tons less than in mid-September. Barley and sunflower seeds also have similar volumes in terms of shipments. 165,000 tons of barley and 152,000 tons of sunflower went, which is 44,000 tons more than in the first half of September.

118,000 tons of soybeans were shipped, which is 7,000 tons less than in the first half of September. Minor changes in the supply of soybean oil: as of mid-October, 13,400 tons were shipped, which is 3,000 tons less than in the middle of September.

The general picture of the amount of agricultural products that actually crossed the border of Ukraine in percentage for the first half of October is as follows: 30.70% is planted with corn, 32.37% with wheat, 9.61% with rapeseed, 7.47% with sunflower oil, 7. 23% – meal, 4.28% – sunflower seeds, barley – 4.64%, soybeans – 3.33%, soybean oil – 0.38%.

The export of agricultural products in terms of their transportation in the first two weeks of October is as follows: 2.8 million tons were sent through ports (sea and river), 436 thousand tons by rail, 318 thousand tons by car, and 22.3 thousand tons by ferry. tons

Information on the volume of shipments by individual types of goods and modes of transport in accordance with EAIS 'Delivery Control'.

Image credit: Maria Keays on Flickr
(CC BY 2.0)

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