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The American Feed Industry Association is pleased with China's decision to resume imports of US poultry and poultry products. China is a valuable market for the US animal food industry for exports of feed, feed ingredients and value-added products such as meat and poultry. With China resuming imports of poultry and poultry ingredients, we will see more feed and feed ingredients used by the US poultry industry.

'Reopening this market for poultry products is also an important first step in expanding the Chinese market for US pet food,' said Constance Cullman, AFIA's president and CEO. 'This ban was first put in place in 2015 when pet food was already subject to a Chinese restriction on ruminant ingredients. This left few options in the way of animal-origin ingredients in pet food destined for China. As a result, exports of US pet food to China dropped from an already meager $8.3 million to $1.4 million within the first year.'

Although AFIA is encouraged by this news, the industry is eager for further progress on remaining barriers that plague US animal food manufacturers from accessing this important market.

Visit the AFIA website, HERE.

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